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What is the potential of luxury brand apps?

For example, when users pass a high-end shopping mall, they can choose to view favorite luxury brands of small programs, check the latest model of handbags, whether it is in the Wechat small program to buy, or directly into the store to buy goods will be more convenient, and all this is the user’s “I” based, rather than the current public number is being used. In the case of luxury brands, they can tap more consumer data.

In May this year, Wechat finally launched a new feature that further enabled offline and offline links, releasing the long-awaited blockbuster feature of many physical stores called “nearby applets,” whose core function is to open up online and offline links to new opportunities for luxury brands to connect services and retail scenes. It can increase people’s flow and provide better service experience.

Although mainland Chinese consumers are world-renowned for their luxury purchasing power, in fact, only one-third of these purchases occur at home. With retail sales of luxury goods in China sluggish since 2014, luxury brands are in urgent need of bringing consumers back to Chinese stores. How to develop nearby small programs to provide consumers with better experience is also a challenge.