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Gucci is the most successful luxury brand in recent years

In these relatively popular brands, the use of fur is not high enough. It is the more influential luxury brands that really put animals in a cruel position. Leather handbags, mink coats and luxury brand premium, so that people have been unable to give up the pursuit of fur.

However, before VF, a luxury brand also promised to join the zero fur business. Its action may change the whole luxury industry’s attitude towards fur.

Since November, Gucci, a luxury brand, has promised not to use animal fur from the spring and summer series in 2018. While joining the Fur Free Alliance, all inventory fur products will be auctioned and the proceeds donated to animal protection organizations.

As the most successful luxury brand in recent years, Gucci’s decision not only has an impact on its future design, but also has a “deterrent” effect on the entire luxury industry. Although before Gucci, Armani, Stella McCartney, HUGO BOSS and other brands have long since stopped using fur, but Gucci in recent years in young people’s influence, other brands incomparable.