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GUCCI flower dance perfume

We should know that gardenia fragrance is good, but it is very difficult to enter the fragrance. If it is slightly deviate, it will easily become a cheap flavor. Because of this, gardenia is also a “taboo” that perfume masters try to challenge. However, making Gardenia perfume is “a narrow escape from death”. For decades, only a few have been recognized. Today we’re going to compare Gucci’s gorgeous Gardenia with Kai’s purely Top-grade gardenia, which has been windy lately.

Gucci’s Gardenia perfume is sweet red raspberry and fragrant pear, bringing out the next rich fragrance. The intense fragrance of gardenia petals is enhanced by a slippery warm Jasmine flower, replaced by Patchouli touching the taste buds and brown sugar. This is a fashionable but not retro lingering perfume. There is a trace of sweetness, many small women are attracted by its taste, pink bottles, confirm the girl’s heart.

Comparing with other perfume of Gardenia fragrance, Xiaobian thinks that the Gardenia fragrance of Gucci is quite different from that of the front, middle and back, and the gardenia is not so pure. It can be said to be a typical commercial Xianggong, a common occasion accidentally used too much also cause people to frown, there is no aesthetic. Compared with the sweet Gucci Gardenia perfume, Xiaobian prefers Gardenia perfume with more natural and pure Gardenia jasmine flowers than Kai.

Kai Kay’s rare Gardenia perfume has excellent reputation in the world. It is unique in its perfume and is different from the popular perfume. In the past, it was only sold in the most expensive department stores in the United States. Nowadays, they are still in the fashion magazines. Kai, a small high-end fragrance brand from Southern California, is a professional and alternative product with gardenia and rose fragrance.