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Gucci IT Bags

The classic series represents the Dionysus of the Dionysus, named after the new Bacchus. Since appearing on the stage, we have a huge selection of colors and materials, each season’s design can make people look bright. The tiger’s head on the button is the biggest memory point, matched with the same metal feeling is very strong thick chain, simple and neat and versatile new color matching velvet printing is absolutely worth the pocket, any occasion can be easily coped with!

From the spring and summer of 2016 to today’s Sylvie, I believe you are no stranger: this early autumn launched the latest velvet style, and printed with the brand iconic double G logo. With the unique metal buckle and elegant ribbon, it can be relaxed and relaxed.

Gucci, the classic logo “G” with square crystal. Have you seen it? Let alone use it with the velvet texture of hot package Broadway, absolutely retro and gorgeous! The new series of specialty knitted pattern shoulder straps are particularly eye-catching, with feminine and retro Disco’s handsome.