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Why can Gucci rank first?

2017 is still a tough year for luxury brands, and the digitisation of luxury brands is still lagging behind in other areas. New protagonists such as Amazon’s e-commerce platforms, discount websites, second-hand resale platforms and the cold winter in the department store have also become resistance to luxury brands’digital influence. L2 deputy director Brian Lee also said the luxury brands had been threatened by emerging e-commerce brands such as Everlane and Reformation.

The report also found that 38% of fashion brands had a low search conversion rate. For example, 40% of consumers in the January search guide for luxury brands were directed to third-party e-commerce websites, while only 18% were directed to brand websites. But the widespread rise in the digital competitiveness of luxury brands has also helped boost brands after the downturn in 2016. In the process of improving the digitalization level, it is an important part to seize the millennial generation.

Millennials are becoming a steady growth target for the luxury industry, which is expected to grow from a quarter of the size of consumers to nearly half by 2025. As digital aborigines, millennials mainly rely on online channels to discover products and interact with brands, which will be an important opportunity for brands to strengthen digital investment.

What is the potential of luxury brand apps?

For example, when users pass a high-end shopping mall, they can choose to view favorite luxury brands of small programs, check the latest model of handbags, whether it is in the Wechat small program to buy, or directly into the store to buy goods will be more convenient, and all this is the user’s “I” based, rather than the current public number is being used. In the case of luxury brands, they can tap more consumer data.

In May this year, Wechat finally launched a new feature that further enabled offline and offline links, releasing the long-awaited blockbuster feature of many physical stores called “nearby applets,” whose core function is to open up online and offline links to new opportunities for luxury brands to connect services and retail scenes. It can increase people’s flow and provide better service experience.

Although mainland Chinese consumers are world-renowned for their luxury purchasing power, in fact, only one-third of these purchases occur at home. With retail sales of luxury goods in China sluggish since 2014, luxury brands are in urgent need of bringing consumers back to Chinese stores. How to develop nearby small programs to provide consumers with better experience is also a challenge.

Gucci is the most successful luxury brand in recent years

In these relatively popular brands, the use of fur is not high enough. It is the more influential luxury brands that really put animals in a cruel position. Leather handbags, mink coats and luxury brand premium, so that people have been unable to give up the pursuit of fur.

However, before VF, a luxury brand also promised to join the zero fur business. Its action may change the whole luxury industry’s attitude towards fur.

Since November, Gucci, a luxury brand, has promised not to use animal fur from the spring and summer series in 2018. While joining the Fur Free Alliance, all inventory fur products will be auctioned and the proceeds donated to animal protection organizations.

As the most successful luxury brand in recent years, Gucci’s decision not only has an impact on its future design, but also has a “deterrent” effect on the entire luxury industry. Although before Gucci, Armani, Stella McCartney, HUGO BOSS and other brands have long since stopped using fur, but Gucci in recent years in young people’s influence, other brands incomparable.

Gucci designer sends a love Bomb

As Gucci’s first show, the 2015 Autumn and Winter series Alessandro Michele shows off his genius in design, his retro romantic style, to break away from the present and break the charm of the times.

The spring and summer series of 2016 was inspired by the French writer Madeleine Squille’s “Map of Tenderness” published in 1654. Alessandro Michele interprets the aesthetic from different perspectives as the series is full of colorful, soft fabrics and plant prints.

In the autumn and winter of 2016, Alessandro Michele, inspired by the tuber theory of the French post-modern deconstructionist philosopher Gilles Deleuze, made tassels, cheongsams, and coils in a multi-modal manner without class differences. A new style of visual impact has been born in the unprecedented combination.

Gucci may not offer any discount in the future

In order to reduce the dependence on leather suppliers and shorten the delivery time, Gucci will reduce the number of outsourced leather suppliers. In addition to Gucci ArtLab, the largest factory built by itself, it has also bought 10 leather suppliers. In the future, it will buy 10 more leather suppliers. The proportion of outsourced leather products will be reduced from 75% to 40%.

Some industry insiders believe that as Chinese consumers continue to demand and enthusiasm for luxury goods, the operational efficiency of the supply chain will be the key to win more market share for luxury brands.

Global sales of personal luxuries, such as shoes, bags and clothing, will rise by 6% to 8%, or 276 billion to 281 billion euros, following a 6% increase in 2017, according to a new study by Bain, a consultancy. Among them, luxury goods sales in mainland China are expected to grow 20% to 22% this year, far exceeding other markets such as Europe.

Gucci has made the most sales amount of Kaiyun Group

Gucci has maintained a high growth momentum, which has also made the parent company’s performance exceptionally outstanding in the cloud.

Gucci sales jumped 44.1% to 3.853 billion euros, up from 43% in the same period last year, while operating profit soared 62.1% to 1.477 billion euros, with operating profit margins at a record high of 38.2%.

According to fashion headline statistics, LVMH’s fashion and leather division grew by 25% in the first half of the financial year, compared with Hermes’sales growth of only 5% in the same period. This means that Gucci has won the luxury industry for 10 consecutive quarters.

In the first half of this year, Gucci showed the most significant performance in North America, with an increase of 57% in retail sales. Revenue in the Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan, rose 48%, sales in Western Europe rose 37%, and sales in other parts of the world rose 49%.

Online shops are developing rapidly

GAP, an American clothing retailer, has seen its profits fall since the first quarter of 2015, but it has lost face despite a series of measures such as closing stores and laying off workers. In 2016 alone, GAP closed 75 Old Navy and Banana Republican stores outside North America; GAP’s store in the heart of Chengdu’s Chunxi Road was closed, its second in Chengdu, opening in 2012. The New York Times reported earlier that Instagram and other social media platforms had fallen victim to GAP, with a large number of comments suggesting that the GAP brand was outdated.

Uniqlo, Japan’s fast-fashion giant, also admitted that net profit of its parent company, Fast Retail Group 2016, fell 16.9% year-on-year as a result of the decline. Among them, Japan’s domestic performance and the performance of overseas markets, mainly in Greater China, were not up to par, with operating profits falling by 12.4% and 14.2% year-on-year, respectively.

Spanish fast-fashion brand Mango, whose parent company, Mango MNG Holding SL, posted a net profit of only 4 million euros in fiscal 2015, down 96% from the previous year.

Zara seems to be better. As of July 31, 2016, Zara’s parent company Inditex had sales of about 10.5 billion, up 11% from a year earlier, with net profit of 1.26 billion, of which Zara contributed 66.5%. But the situation is not optimistic: since March last year, Zara is reducing the number of new stores a year, with the intention of slowing the pace of expansion, and the annual new store area plan has been reduced from 8-10% to 6-8%. The excessive expansion speed and price increase will eventually lead to an increase in product inventories and a decline in gross margins.

GUCCI flower dance perfume

We should know that gardenia fragrance is good, but it is very difficult to enter the fragrance. If it is slightly deviate, it will easily become a cheap flavor. Because of this, gardenia is also a “taboo” that perfume masters try to challenge. However, making Gardenia perfume is “a narrow escape from death”. For decades, only a few have been recognized. Today we’re going to compare Gucci’s gorgeous Gardenia with Kai’s purely Top-grade gardenia, which has been windy lately.

Gucci’s Gardenia perfume is sweet red raspberry and fragrant pear, bringing out the next rich fragrance. The intense fragrance of gardenia petals is enhanced by a slippery warm Jasmine flower, replaced by Patchouli touching the taste buds and brown sugar. This is a fashionable but not retro lingering perfume. There is a trace of sweetness, many small women are attracted by its taste, pink bottles, confirm the girl’s heart.

Comparing with other perfume of Gardenia fragrance, Xiaobian thinks that the Gardenia fragrance of Gucci is quite different from that of the front, middle and back, and the gardenia is not so pure. It can be said to be a typical commercial Xianggong, a common occasion accidentally used too much also cause people to frown, there is no aesthetic. Compared with the sweet Gucci Gardenia perfume, Xiaobian prefers Gardenia perfume with more natural and pure Gardenia jasmine flowers than Kai.

Kai Kay’s rare Gardenia perfume has excellent reputation in the world. It is unique in its perfume and is different from the popular perfume. In the past, it was only sold in the most expensive department stores in the United States. Nowadays, they are still in the fashion magazines. Kai, a small high-end fragrance brand from Southern California, is a professional and alternative product with gardenia and rose fragrance.

Gucci IT Bags

The classic series represents the Dionysus of the Dionysus, named after the new Bacchus. Since appearing on the stage, we have a huge selection of colors and materials, each season’s design can make people look bright. The tiger’s head on the button is the biggest memory point, matched with the same metal feeling is very strong thick chain, simple and neat and versatile new color matching velvet printing is absolutely worth the pocket, any occasion can be easily coped with!

From the spring and summer of 2016 to today’s Sylvie, I believe you are no stranger: this early autumn launched the latest velvet style, and printed with the brand iconic double G logo. With the unique metal buckle and elegant ribbon, it can be relaxed and relaxed.

Gucci, the classic logo “G” with square crystal. Have you seen it? Let alone use it with the velvet texture of hot package Broadway, absolutely retro and gorgeous! The new series of specialty knitted pattern shoulder straps are particularly eye-catching, with feminine and retro Disco’s handsome.